Investor relations

Our vision

Allowing people to create and use digital solutions that enrich an open and sustainable world.

Our mission

We listen, understand needs, and constantly develop our skills to deliver sustainable and value-creating solutions.

Our higher purpose

Enable digital development so that people can implement their ideas and drive innovation.

Ownership and Governance

The Swedish Code of Corporate Governance ("Code") applies to all Swedish companies listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and NGM Equity. Binero Group is listed on First North and is therefore not obliged to apply the Code. However, the code constitutes an important part of the Company's corporate governance guidelines and the Company adheres to the Code's rules in essential parts regarding the Board of directors. In case the Code becomes binding upon Binero Group, the Company will apply it. Binero Group applies Swedish company law and the rules and recommendations that follow from the company's listing at First North. In addition, Binero Group follows the provisions stipulated in the company's Articles of Association.

Financial reporting

As a complement to the Companies Act and Binero Group's Articles of Association, the Board has established a rules of procedure with instructions on internal and external financial reporting. All interim reports, year-end reports and press releases are published on the Binero Group website in direct contact with the publication.

Internal control

Binero Group's internal control structure is based on the division of work between the Board and the CEO. Regular reporting and audit of financial outcomes are carried out in both the management units and the board of directors.

Auditing and auditor

Authorized Public Accountant: Ernst & Young AB, 556053-5873.
Chief Accountant: Per Hedström
Address to Ernst & Young AB: PO Box 7850, Stockholm S-103 99

Board of Directors

Binero Group's current Board consists of the members Carl-Magnus Hallberg (Chairman of the Board), Fredrik Alpsten, Jacob Philipson, Charlotte Darth and Anders Törnqvist.

Company management

Göran Gylesjö is a former shareholder in Binero and CEO of Binero Group. Thomas Broberger CFO has over twenty years of experience as CFO and CFO from various industries and listed companies.

Articles of association

§ 3 The company shall conduct consultancy, marketing and operation of data servers and related activities.

Annual General Meeting

Communications and minutes of the meetings are available here. Communication from previous years can be found under Financial Reports.

Nomination Committee and committees

The Nomination Committee shall consist of representatives of the three largest shareholders, of which the representative of the largest shareholder shall be convening.

Binero Group is a Swedish supplier of digital infrastructure services for companies and individuals.

The company's offer includes web hosting with a variety of complementary services, development and management of enterprise IT infrastructure and its own public cloud service, known as IaaS.
Binero Group AB shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX First North with the name Binero.
Invitation and addition to subscription of shares in Binero Group AB.

Financial reports

All financial reports and other information can be found here.
Summary calendar showing financial reports, communications and other information.
This register refers to persons with insider status who have a notification obligation.