Our brands

The Binero Group consist of the brands Binero, Binero.Cloud and Binero Solutions.

Binero is a company with long experience and extensive knowledge of the web hosting and domain name industry. Today, Binero is one of the leading web hosting companies in Sweden. The company has been rewarded several times for its services, and has been designated Sweden's best web host for the Internetworld magazine for several years. With high stability, an easy-to-use control panel and reliable support, Binero has become famous and has since been a driving force in developing the web hosting industry for the better. Binero's services are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals and associations.

Binero.Cloud is a Swedish alternative to the major international cloud suppliers. With IaaS from Binero Cloud, you get IT on tap, where the cost of IT can follow the development of your business. A big difference in the cloud solution in relation to our competitors is the breadth we can offer to the customer in addition to the cloud service itself. With us, you as a customer choose what you want to do on your own; what we want is to take responsibility for. If you want to use it as a clean IaaS service where you take responsibility for the operation, no problem. If you want to help our consultants for set-up, operation, monitoring and maintenance, it's just as good.

Binero Solutions offers professional and high-performance IT services for the modern company. These services are based on two main product areas. We offer different variants of cloud infrastructure, incl. colocation, as well as helping hands-on customize the company's configuration according to their conditions and wishes. We also provide client services, which are called OnGuard, which streamline the company's IT function at the same time as the company releases resources and technical expertise to other parts of its organization and operations.